ball toss

Jesse Jones (Coach Jesse)

Born and raised in San Diego, I’ve been involved in sports since the age of 5. With experience in baseball, soccer, and football, I excelled in football as soon asI started playing in high school. I went on to play for Palomar College for 2 years, then spent 8 years playing Semi-Pro football. All my l ife I’ve had a passion for sports and lots of inspiration from coaches who’ve always told me about my great potential as a kid. I want to now give back what I’ve learned over the past 10 years because I have grown to love

everything about fitness and believe our youth can benefit greatly from sports and having great coaches in their lives! That’s what BlueStar is here to do. We want to unlock the full potential of our San Diego athletes and I’m here to educate and assist our athletes on the path to success.

Brittany Dlhy (Coach Brittany)

Born and raised in small town Iowa, I come from a school where playing every sport was possible. I started playing soccer, softball, and basketball at a young age and then when I reached high school I realized I excelled most in track and cross country. Winning 2 cross country championships in high school put me on track to continue my running career at the D1 level for the University of Iowa. While at Iowa I achieved my bachelors degree in Human Physiology and gained an in depth knowledge of how sports/physical activity affect the human body. I have been a certified personal trainer for 5 years now and I’m committed to providing our athletes with the knowledge and skills I have acquired to provide them with the best chance at success in their sport(s) and lives.