BlueStar Elite Performance Training

Our Mission

To provide integrated training programs that equip our athletes with the necessary speed,
power, and endurance it takes to perform at optimal athleticism during competition.

Our Vision

We are devoted to positively impacting each athlete on and off the field.  We believe the hard work and determination it takes to be a competitive athlete can have a lasting impression on young athletes that will help them become successful later on in life.

To get an edge above all, a comprehensive program of Sports Performance Training in San Diego is required to extract the best out of you. Blue Star SD Elite is the one-stop destination for all the ardent athletes who are looking to unleash their full potential. Our Sport Training Program in San Diego is not just about pushing your physical limits and surpassing them, its also encloses enhancing your mental prowess.

Blue Star SD Elite Sports Trainer in San Diego will help you to gain the competitive edge in this cut-throat competitive world. The training program is geared for the athletes of all ability level. Our trainers will design a custom training program that perfectly addresses your sports challenges as well as strategies to achieve your fitness goals. Smash your personal records, set up the new benchmark and become a remarkable athlete with our Sports Team Training in San Diego.


Youth Sports Training Program San Diego

We believe in giving back and working with the community.
This is why we created a partnership with the San Diego Generals Youth Football & Cheer program to work with youth within their community to keep
them active during the off season.